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John Bray
July 24, 2019
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John Bray recommends NAACP Theatre Awards.

Classy people, awesome experience

Jaimyon Parker
July 24, 2019
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Would recommend to anyone

This is an amazing night of celebrating and keeping alive this important method of telling our stories! It is vital and a great way for all levels of theatre producers, directors, actors, etc. to come together as peers and friends, toasting to the great work that is being created each and every year!

Joyce Wooden Norfleet
July 25, 2019
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Joyce Wooden Norfleet recommends NAACP Theatre Awards

Wonderful recognition for actors of color who are often ignored by the establishment.

Kody Blunt
February 20, 2020
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Kody Blunt recommends NAACP Theatre Awards.

I love this ..I have attended a few times and the actors list is great... keep up the good work