Best Choreography – Equity

The Royale – Ameenah Kaplan


Best Choreography – Local

Dreamgirls – Rae Toledo


Best Costumes – Equity

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone – Karen Perry


Best Costumes – Local

Dreamgirls – Michael Mullen


Best Director – Equity

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone – Phylicia Rashad


Best Director – L ocal

One Night In Miami – Carl Cofield


Best Director of a Musical – Equity

Smokey Joe’s Café: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller – Jeffrey Polk


Best Director of a Musical – Local

Dreamgirls – Marco Gomez


Best Ensemble Cast – Equity

The Brothers Size


Best Ensemble Cast – Local

One Night In Miami


Best Lead Female – Equity

Letters from Zora:In Her Own Words – Vanessa Bell Calloway


Best Lead Female – Local

Sick and Tired – Keturah Baker


Best Lead Male – Equity

Breath and Imagination – Elijah Rock


Best Lead Male – Local

Blood Knot – Oscar Best


Best Lighting – Equity

12 Angry Men – Brian L. Gale


Best Lighting – Local

Steel Magnolias – David Carreno


Best Music Director – Equity

Breath and Imagination – Rahn Coleman


Best Music Director – Local

Dreamgirls – Chris Raymond



Best One Person Show – Local

Beautiful – Jozanne Marie


Best Playwright – Equity

Breath and Imagination – Daniel Beaty


Best Playwright – Local

One Night In Miami – Kemp Powers


Best Producer – Equity

12 Angry Men – The Pasadena Playhouse


Best Producer – Local

One Night In Miami – John Perrin Flynn & Roxanne Hart


Best Set Design – Equity

One Night with Janis Joplin – Justin Townsend


Best Set Design – Local

Rent – Anderson William


Best Sound – Equity

Breath and Imagination – Dave Mickey


Best Sound – Local

Dreamgirls – David Crawford


Best Supporting Female – Equity

One Night with Janis Joplin – Sebrina Elayne Carten


Best Supporting Female – Local

Pieces – Tiffany Snow


Best Supporting Male – Equity

The Road Weeps, the Well Runs Dry – Darryl Alan Reed


Best Supporting Male – Local

The Good Negro – Stephen Grove Malloy