Mission:                     Entertain, educate, inspire the community and create diversity in the arts and entertainment industry.


Show Date:               NAACP Theatre Awards Dinner & Show – February 26th 2018


NAACP Theatre Festival – TBD


Location:                    TBD


(Partial List)

Sponsors:                  AT&T, Fox, CBS, Paramount, Nestle Corporation, Hilton Hotels, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, UPS, HealthNet,

Sempra Energy, LA Cultural Affairs Department, Toyota Motor Sales, Allstate Insurance, TVOne,

Disney Corporation, Honda Corporation, Delta Airlines, Wells Fargo Bank, Crown Royal, The Music Center,

Cal Fed Bank and The City of Beverly Hills


Age: Under 15 10%
  16-24 10%
  25-35 25%
  35 and over 55%
Demographic: African American 70%
Latino 08%
Asian/Pacific Islander 02%
European 20%
Females 60%
Males 40%


HH Income             $55,000+


Media Reach            Participating Audience, 2010 (on-site)                3,500+

Anticipated Participating Audience 2014            10,000+

Media Audience (including Internet)                   15,000,000+


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